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We aimed to describe the common factors that Korean hospice home-care nurses considered to be most important in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a voluntary peer support registry program for hospice patients in Korea. Using the critical incident technique, five focus-group interviews with hospice home-care nurses were held to triangulate and analyze factors important to hospice patients, caregivers, nurses, and healthcare managers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of family caregivers becomes more complex and significant. Family caregivers of COVID-19 patients face substantial challenges, including concerns about their own health and concerns about the health of the patient. The objective of this study was to evaluate the knowledge, attitudes, and perceived needs of family caregivers of COVID-19 patients with a focus on medicine usage and adherence. A content analysis of online open-ended survey data obtained from family caregivers of COVID-19 patients were utilized. Content analysis identified themes of knowledge, attitudes, and perceived needs. Couples were more likely to seek out information regarding COVID-19 (p = 0.04) and be more knowledgeable regarding COVID-19 (p <0.001) than those in solo households. Providing emotional and social support was most commonly reported as a need by family caregivers, followed by need for basic information. Information regarding medicine usage and adherence was cited as a primary need to address future COVID-19 care.

Objective: Recruited and enrolled young adult (18-29 year olds) patients into a pilot study to evaluate the acceptability/feasibility of utilizing myBoto (an apparel company) to distribute naloxone kits among their peers in a national fashion. Twenty-one patients were interviewed, to explore factors that may contribute to naloxone access. Qualitative data were analyzed using thematic analysis and a constant comparative method.