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“This cut in the KRG budget is, in fact, a violation of international law and the international status of our region,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in a statement on Saturday, calling on the Iraqi government to intervene.
“The dismantling of this security wall by [the Islamic State] constitutes an act of aggression and not a defensive war,” he added, referring to the group’s capture of nearly two-thirds of the city in June 2014.
In the past five years, the US has launched air strikes against the Islamic State from Iraq at least 177 times, at an estimated cost of $4bn, according to figures released by the Pentagon last year.
Top priority
According to reports based on an Iraqi Interior Ministry document, the government of Iraq had assigned the neighbourhood of Mosul as the top priority for the work programme “in order to eliminate militants”. The document was posted on the Internet on April 24, 2015.
The document was filed with the Provincial Council of Nineveh in a meeting on April 16, 2015. In the meeting, the council gave guidance to the Interior Ministry regarding the districts of Mosul, and the number and time frame of the security operations.
The document is not signed by any minister. And, contrary to other documents, it does not point to the districts and neighbourhoods in Mosul where the military operations would be carried out, or the time period for the operations.
The document says that the security operations would begin in May, and last until July 2016. The Interior Ministry would be in charge of the project. It ordered the Interior Ministry to establish 16 security checkpoints in the eastern and western neighbourhoods of Mosul, according to the document.
In the document, the governor of Nineveh, Atheel al-Nujaifi, asks the ministry to “change the checkpoints” in the neighbourhoods of Hamam Al-Alil, Khazanah, Zohour, Karrada, Doura, al-Ahmar, Zainab and Darweesh, and the al-Muthana district.
Any changes to the checkpoints would be carried out as long as they do not impede traffic flow, according to the document. The document orders the ministry to close the entrances of these neighbourhoods to the public so that security personnel can arrest any person who wants to