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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between post-infectious Lyme disease and animal behaviours. Experiments were conducted with male Long-Evans rats and MRL mice infected with Borrelia burgdorferi. Behaviour was measured using a standard protocol, which examines eight types of aggressive and defensive behaviours for 3 h during the light and dark cycles at multiple time points for 4 weeks after infection. During the first 2 weeks post-infection, rats increased the number and duration of attack bites. No consistent changes were seen in any of the other behaviours, including the majority of aggressive/defensive behaviours in mice. During the third and fourth weeks, both rats and mice demonstrated an increase in the intensity of biting and scratching, and a decrease in the frequency of aggressive/defensive behaviours. The results support the theory that Lyme disease can negatively impact the behaviour of animals and post-infectious mood disturbances can occur if treatment is delayed.Q:
Inveighing against a group of exchange rates: term for this in economics?
I’m not sure if there’s an economic term for the rhetorical device of citing multiple exchange rates as a reason to criticize a currency. For example, in relation to the euro, opponents often mention currencies with lower exchange rates to support their argument. For simplicity, assume this currency is XXX, and the other currencies are YYY and ZZZ.
The obvious retort is that proponents are presenting misleading information, but there’s something else going on. For instance, the X number isn’t really correct. In a competitive market, all three