Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods: How to Look Cool and Survive the Abyss

Dark Souls 3 is a beautiful game. So beautiful, that some of the armor sets included in the game don’t do justice to the eerie looks of Lothric. And if you wanna look the part, we have a solution for you.

DS3 fans have worked hard to provide the community with some great armor mods. I mean, there’s a lot. So even when you’re getting slaughtered by the fearsome creatures, you can still look your best.

In this article, we will show you some of the best Dark Souls 3 armor mods that you can download and install for free. Whether you want to cosplay as your favorite character, or just spice up your appearance, these mods will make your journey more enjoyable and stylish.

What are Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods?

Dark Souls 3 armor mods are custom-made modifications that change the appearance of the armor sets in the game. They can replace existing armor models, textures, or colors, or add new ones that are not available in the vanilla game.

Some armor mods are purely cosmetic, while others may also affect the stats and performance of the armor. For example, some mods may make the armor lighter, heavier, stronger, or weaker, depending on the modder’s preference.

To install Dark Souls 3 armor mods, you will need a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager or Vortex. These tools will help you download, install, and manage your mods easily and safely. You can find a lot of Dark Souls 3 armor mods on websites like Nexus Mods or FandomSpot.

Why Use Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods?

There are many reasons why you might want to use Dark Souls 3 armor mods. Here are some of them:

  • You want to change the look of your character and make it more unique and personal.
  • You want to improve the graphics and quality of the armor models and textures.
  • You want to have more variety and options for your armor sets.
  • You want to have fun and experiment with different styles and themes.
  • You want to challenge yourself with different gameplay mechanics and difficulty levels.

Of course, using Dark Souls 3 armor mods is entirely optional and up to your preference. Some players may prefer to stick with the original game and enjoy it as it is. Others may want to enhance their experience and customize their character as they please.

Whatever your choice is, we respect it and hope you have a great time playing Dark Souls 3!

Best Dark Souls 3 Armor Mods (All Free To Download)

Now that you know what Dark Souls 3 armor mods are and why you might want to use them, let’s take a look at some of the best ones that we recommend. These are our personal favorites, but feel free to explore other mods and find what suits you best.

15. Adidas Tracksuit Mod

Adidas Tracksuit Mod

Here it is. The armor mod all Dark Souls 3 fans have been waiting for.

A tracksuit?

As it usually happens, the best ideas are always the craziest.

While the Adidas Tracksuit definitely feels out of place in the dark halls of Anor Londo, I’m pretty sure it’s extremely comfortable. At least I hope so: I’m not sure I want to face those knights with little to no protection.

But could be fun as a silly playthrough, or if you want the added challenge for some crazy reason.

This mod replaces the Fallen Knight set with a blue Adidas tracksuit that looks surprisingly good on your character. It also comes with matching gloves and shoes for a complete look.

If you want to sport this fashionable outfit, you can download it from Nexus Mods.

14. Templar Pack

Templar Pack

If you think about it, Dark Souls 3 is indeed a Crusade.

And what’s the best armor for an expedition?

Well, this mod set!

The Templar Pack replaces the Faraam armor, Cathedral Knight Helmet, and Kite shield, to transform you into the only paladin capable of saving Lothric. Add a healthy dose of Miracles for maximum efficacy.

The mod features high-quality textures and models that look very realistic and detailed. The armor has a white and red color scheme that stands out from the dark environment of the game.

If you want to join the holy order of the Templars, you can download this mod from FandomSpot.

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13. Restored Wolf Knight Armor

Restored Wolf Knight Armor

The Knight Artorias is rightfully considered a legend. And no man in Lothric managed to walk the Abyss and live to tell the tale.

Except for you, maybe.

The Restored Wolf Knight Armor cleans up the armor wore by Astoria, to make it look like what it was before the knight faced the Abyss. The reconstruction is not perfect. Mostly due to some limitations of the game’s rendering engine.

But hey, at least you can do a bit of proper cosplaying!

This mod restores the original colors and textures of the Wolf Knight set, which is based on Artorias’ armor from Dark Souls 1. It also fixes some clipping issues and adds some details to the helmet and chest piece.

If you want to honor the memory of the fallen hero, you can download this mod from FandomSpot.

12. Ranger Captain’s Armor

Ranger Captain's Armor

Archery in Dark Souls 3 isn’t particularly powerful. But if you’ve decided that the way of the bow is the only way for you, you’d better look the part!

The Ranger Captain’s Armor makes any wannabe lone ranger look incredibly cool with its ornate design. This “coolness factor” only gets you so far in Lothric, however.

But the armor is low weight, perfect for agility-focused builds, and it offers some overall good stats that make it a solid choice for pushing through the game with just the usual amount of deaths: a thousand or so.

This mod replaces the Undead Legion set with a custom-made armor that resembles a medieval ranger outfit. It has leather and metal parts, a hooded cloak, and a quiver on the back.

If you want to unleash your inner archer, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods.

11. Stormwind Guardsman’s Armor

Stormwind Guardsman's Armor

I’m sure you, like everyone, spent an inordinate amount of time playing World of Warcraft. Or at least you know the game, right?

If you’re a diehard World of Warcraft fan, you surely have to recognize this armor mod on sight. It’s worn by the soldiers of the Alliance.

While it lacks a proper helmet, never before such a clean design has been spotted in the land of Lothric: just make sure you dodge and block each and every swing!

This mod replaces the Elite Knight set with a faithful recreation of the Stormwind Guardsman’s Armor from WoW. It has a blue and gold color scheme that matches the Alliance’s banner.

If you want to show your allegiance to the king of Stormwind, you can download this mod from Nexus Mods.

10. Berserk Pack

Berserk Pack

Dark Souls 3 and Berserk are two franchises that share a lot of similarities. Both are dark, gritty, and brutal stories that feature epic battles, twisted monsters, and tragic heroes.

It’s no wonder that many Dark Souls 3 fans are also fans of Berserk, and vice versa.

If you’re one of them, you’ll love this mod pack that brings some of the most iconic armor sets from Berserk into Dark Souls 3. You can cosplay as Guts, Griffith, Casca, Zodd, Skull Knight, and more.

The mod pack includes high-quality models and textures that faithfully recreate the armor designs from the manga and anime. It also includes some weapons and shields that match the armor sets.

If you want to unleash your inner berserker, you can download this mod pack from Nexus Mods.

9. Dark Souls 1 Armor Pack

Dark Souls 1 Armor Pack

Dark Souls 3 may be the latest entry in the series, but it’s not the only one that deserves your attention.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the first game, or if you missed some of the classic armor sets that didn’t make it into the sequel, you’ll love this mod pack that brings back some of the most iconic armor sets from Dark Souls 1.

You can find armor sets like the Elite Knight, Black Knight, Silver Knight, Ornstein, Smough, Havel, and more. They are all faithfully recreated with high-quality models and textures that fit well into the Dark Souls 3 aesthetic.

If you want to relive the glory days of Dark Souls 1, you can download this mod pack from Nexus Mods.

8. Bloodborne Pack

Bloodborne Pack

Bloodborne is another masterpiece from FromSoftware, the creators of Dark Souls. It shares many similarities with the Souls series, but it also has its own unique style and atmosphere.

If you’re a fan of Bloodborne, or if you just want to try something different, you’ll love this mod pack that brings some of the most amazing armor sets from Bloodborne into Dark Souls 3.

You can find armor sets like the Hunter, Maria, Gascoigne, Gehrman, Cainhurst Knight, and more. They are all beautifully crafted with stunning models and textures that capture the Gothic horror vibe of Bloodborne.

If you want to explore the dark secrets of Yharnam, you can download this mod pack from Nexus Mods.


Dark Souls 3 is a game that offers a lot of customization and variety for your character. You can mix and match different armor sets, weapons, spells, and items to create your own unique build and playstyle.

But if you want to take your customization to the next level, you can also use some of the amazing armor mods that the Dark Souls 3 community has created. These mods can change the appearance, stats, and performance of your armor sets, or add new ones that are not in the original game.

In this article, we have shown you some of the best Dark Souls 3 armor mods that you can download and install for free. Whether you want to look cool, stylish, funny, or badass, these mods will make your game more enjoyable and immersive.

We hope you liked our selection of Dark Souls 3 armor mods. If you did, please share this article with your friends and fellow Dark Souls 3 fans. And if you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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