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-Best Drawing Experience
Kpaint provides the best painting experience with the help of the motion sensing and voice control technologies.With the advanced gesture sensing, users can enjoy the real-time voice control experience to easily draw or paint. 
– Easiest Drawing
Kpaint provides the most accurate drawing pipeline in the digital painting world. With the support of 4K motion sensing, users will not have to worry about the quality of the drawings.
– Touch Surface and Design
Kpaint takes the similar touch surface as the real paper to give users a drawing experience that almost mimics the physical drawing.
– Smart Design for Any Device
With the help of the USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology, users will be able to enjoy Kpaint on the go.
– Advanced Brush Technology
Kpaint offers the most intuitive and accurate brush experience to users. With the most powerful brush engine, users will be able to achieve any drawing with no limit.
– Multi-Device Support
With the multi-device support, users will be able to enjoy Kpaint across all platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
– Kpaint App Store
On Kpaint Store, users can find out the best apps from Kpaint App Store, including desktop and mobile apps.
What is New in Kpaint 13.0.0:
– Face recognition
– New App Store
– New design
– Improved work environment
– New Screenshot Gallery
– New media brush
– New text tool
– New button tool
– Improved brush engine
– Enhanced UI
Not a fan of that new kit… the new user interface is entirely too busy. At this point it is very difficult to find anything in the middle of all of the new stuff, especially with the new dark theme.
I’m not sure the features I’m currently using will be around after the next update, but I’d vote for macOS. I think it’s the closest you’ll get to the “traditional” way of digital painting on Windows. There’s a big trend towards this, and I hope people keep it around.
As this is the first time I ask a question in this place, allow me to share the experience I have.
I have been using the new Krita 3.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and Linux Mint 20), and overall

Kpaint Free

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– Multi brush support, designed with Intuitive 4-step easy touch on multiple areas to draw.
– 9 preset sketch styles with its own material.
– Over 400 brush types with 50 brush shape variations, allowing users to easily find one they like most.
– Optional inputting of texture and color information for better overall control.
– Freehand drawing with multi-touch support.
– Free drawing gesture recognition system to be connected with your PC’s hardware.
– Overall user interface, allowing users to enjoy faster and more convenient workflow for a more casual painting experience.
– Save and export image and drawing to save and share your masterpiece.
– Lots of features and tools that will make users enjoy their art more by setting up palette of colors, texture, brush shape and size, overall settings, etc.
– Start recording with voice and save it to make video for sharing on Youtube, Facebook, etc.
Please go to this link if you want to know more about the Kpaint:
9-7-2015- Version
* New download optimization.
* Additional UI improvements.
* Fixed a bug causing crash when scanning GIFs.
* Added resolution dropdown to Import/Export dialog.
* Changed the color of the palette title.
* Added date to uninstall dialog.
* Added a shortcut key to the palette.
* Added additional color pickers.
* Added a setting to the color picker to display the hex code.
* Added a setting to the font chooser to show the preview.
* Added a slider to the font size chooser.
* Added additional settings to the font chooser.
* Fixed the warning dialog when opening files.
* Fixed the edit option for the size of the font when exporting to PDF.
* Fixed the error in “Create Snapshot” dialog.
* Fixed the error in “Advanced Settings” dialog.
* Added a workaround for the files with incorrect metadata.
* Fixed a crash when saving the image.
* Fixed a bug causing crash after updating a palette from the Settings.
* Fixed a bug causing crash when removing the palette from the dialog.
* Fixed a bug causing crash when adding a new palette to the dialog.
* Added an option to disable saving to Image Formats
* Fixed a bug causing the window to appear after a restart.
* Added a title

What’s New In?

System Requirements For Kpaint:

Possible system requirements are stated at the very end of the Readme file.
What’s New in this version:
– Tuned the engine for normal behavior and performance. It should now run more smoothly than ever before on all systems.
– Fixed bugs with the AI.
– Fixed bugs with the achievement system.
– Fixed the player’s backpack not being set to full.
– Fixed the /help command not working.
– Various minor bugs fixed.
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