Luv Ka The End Part 1 Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

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The title is similar to the title of the movie ‘Shujon O Voote Shujon’ and the story line is the same, but the taste and flavor is a bit different. The story revolves around two young couples, we see only Yash Aryan and Aarya Awasthi in the movie who are in their 20s. Around them is a married couple Aadhi Malhotra and Zoya, who are both in their 40s. There is an additional character from the joint family introduced in the movie, she is Aditi Malhotra, Zoya’s daughter who lives with them. The show runs through 52 episodes of 8 minutes each for a total runtime of around 330 minutes. An extended version of the movie ‘Luv Ka The End’ was also planned to be made from the same script.
The story of the movie focuses on the lives of the four characters, as they fail to discover the secret of their love for each other. Yash and Aadhi are set on getting married, however, Aadhi is married to Zoya, whom he doesn’t love. Aarya is in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, who starts to see her in a new light.
The movie is a blend of comedy, romance and suspense. It features music by Ankit Tiwari with lyrics by Abhijit Joshi.