Mimicry APK: A Horror Game That Will Keep You on Your Toes

Do you love horror games that make your heart race and your palms sweat? Do you enjoy playing online games with your friends and communicating with them in real time? Do you want to experience a game that will challenge your trust and survival skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try Mimicry APK, a horror game that will keep you on your toes.

What is Mimicry APK?

Mimicry APK is an online horror action game that is available for Android devices. It is a battle royale game in the horror genre, where one monster hunts eight survivors who want to avoid a terrible death. The game is developed by Euphoria Horror Games, a studio that specializes in creating scary and immersive games for mobile platforms.

A battle royale game with a twist

Mimicry APK is not your typical battle royale game, where you have to fight against other players to be the last one standing. In this game, you have to choose your role: either a monster or a survivor. The monster’s goal is to kill all the survivors before they escape, while the survivors’ goal is to complete tasks and find a way out. The twist is that the monster can transform into any player, making it hard to trust anyone. You never know who might be the killer in disguise.

A horror game with real-time communication

Mimicry APK is also a horror game that allows you to communicate with your friends and other players in voice chat during the battle. You can use voice chat to coordinate your actions, share information, warn each other, or deceive your enemies. Voice chat adds another layer of realism and immersion to the game, as well as making it more fun and social.

A game with unique mutants and character customization

Mimicry APK also offers a wide range of character customization options for both the monster and the survivors. You can choose the face, hair, clothes, and accessories for your avatar, making it look like you want. You can also unlock different types of mutants that have different abilities and appearances. For example, you can play as a spider-like creature that can climb walls, or a blob-like creature that can absorb bullets.

How to play Mimicry APK?

Playing Mimicry APK is easy and fun. Here are some basic steps on how to play the game:

Choose your role: monster or survivor

When you start the game, you can choose whether you want to play as a monster or a survivor. You can also join a random match or create a private match with your friends. The game supports up to eight players per match, so you can invite your friends to join you in this horror adventure.

Complete tasks and escape from the killer

If you choose to play as a survivor, your main objective is to complete tasks and escape from the killer. Tasks are randomly generated mini-games that require skill and speed. For example, you might have to hack a computer, fix a generator, or find a key. Completing tasks will help you unlock doors and find clues that will lead you to the exit. However, be careful not to make too much noise or leave traces behind, as the monster might hear or see you.

Use voice chat and teamwork to survive

If you choose to play as

No, Mimicry APK is not an offline game. You need an internet connection to play this game, as it is an online multiplayer game.

What are the requirements to play Mimicry APK?

To play Mimicry APK, you need an Android device that has at least 4 GB of RAM and Android 5.0 or higher. You also need a stable internet connection and a microphone to use voice chat.