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1. Ambient Background Sounds.
— The sound of flowing water (or rain).
2. Background Theme.
— Choose between a static or animated wallpaper
— Background Theme for Sleep.
3. Background Music.
— Relaxing background music.
4. Logs your meditation sessions.
— You can select a log time range.
5. Reads the latest meditation logs.
— All log content is displayed.
6. Logs & Notifications.
— It displays the number of meditation sessions in the past
— You can view or edit your latest meditation session
— You can receive alerts if a new meditation session is initiated
— You can view the alerts of each day or each week
— You can view or edit the meditation sessions with alerts
7. Sleep timer.
— Set the length of the next session
8. Record your next session.
— Your last session is recorded.
— A voice-prompted introduction to meditation is played
— You can save this session as an audio file (mp3)
9. Enter your meditation session for the next day.
— The next day’s session starts with a voice-prompted introduction to meditation.
— You can enter the date of the next session manually
10. Select an alarm to wake you up.
— You can select your preferred alarm
— You can choose between a selected alarm, random or hourly
11. Take a break.
— You can view your break periods
12. Set your break times.
— You can set break times at any time and for any duration
13. Flexible back-up.
— You can set the back-up duration
14. Set your next break.
— You can select a break time and duration
15. Remember your next break.
— You can record your next break, as a session
— You can set this session as your next break, if your break duration is longer than the one you’ve chosen as your next break
16. Advance to your next break.
— You can advance to your next break
— It automatically starts with your next break
17. Short breaks.
— You can set a break duration
18. Customize your breaks.
— You can select a preferred break type
— You can change the duration of each break
19. Hide your breaks.
— You can hide or show your breaks
20. View your break length.
— You can

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NimbusMind is a meditation helper for Android that assists you to achieve peace and tranquility and assists you to get to the Zen zone by delivering soothing sounds, diverse music and inspiring videos.
– A journey into the realm of meditations, bringing you guided audio meditations, video meditations and sound meditations.
– Many recorded guided meditation sessions, to help you get started in your journey.
– Guided meditations for specific moods, such as relaxation, creativity and stress release.
– Sound meditations for meditation and relaxation, to help you unwind after a stressful day.
– Video meditations, such as yoga, meditation and relaxation.
– Music meditations.
– Include hours of varied background music and audio, ranging from tranquil to stimulating.
– Choose your preferred background and focus on the meditations.
– You can also switch easily between them.
– Use the Sleep, Relax, Focus and Meditation screens, to take control of your meditations.
– By using your head phones or earphones, you will get the best experience.
– Also, play music from your library, listen to the ambient background sounds or use the background music for sleep, meditation or relaxation.
– Use the quick settings menu to turn on/off your preferred features.
– And now you can wake up to the sound of birds chirping or a lovely melody that helps you set the perfect mood.
– Free download the app and enjoy a peaceful ride.
Visit us at:
Hey! My name is Mary and I am the author of this app. Feel free to reach out to me on the app’s contact page with any questions, feature requests, or bug reports. I will respond to everyone as quickly as I can.
NimbusMind Description:
NimbusMind is a meditation helper for Android that assists you to achieve peace and tranquility and assists you to get to the Zen zone by delivering soothing sounds, diverse music and inspiring videos.
– A journey into the realm of meditations, bringing you guided audio meditations, video meditations and sound meditations.

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Sunday, May 4, 2015
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The app comes with 7 different categories of features:
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Friday, May 2, 2015
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It is intended for finding a home on your own Android device, while it runs out of memory to load or is not connected to a wifi network.
NimbusMind is a sort of mini web browser, that enables you to browse in a little more of a friendly way, with nice widgets on it.
You can set different widgets on the menu, and you can add those to the home screen.
There is a history list that you can save on your mobile, so you can also back to the places you have already visited on it.
The home screen is similar to the one you have on your desktop, and you can have 5 shortcuts on it.
If you don’t like the widget you have on the home screen, you can move it to the home screen manually, but you can only set 2 widgets on each home screen.
Overall, this is a great app and it does exactly what it says. The widget is great, and it is very useful for me.
The only problem that I found is that it sometimes freezes. However, if it is done when I haven’t played my game for a while, it is not that serious and it does not really bother me.
Overall, I’m really satisfied with NimbusMind, and I really recommend it.
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Thursday, February 4, 2015
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NimbusMind is a free app with absolutely no ads. It’s a browser that helps you to find information at a faster rate. For those who have been in the web-browsing business, NimbusMind has a unique style to browse your favorite sites. But you have to understand that you can only take up to 5 sites at a time and if you try to go to another site, you will

What’s New in the NimbusMind?

Take a step back to real life with the “Zen of NimbusMind”. The purpose of this application is to help you learn how to learn to meditate. It can be used as a stress relief tool. The quality of the ambient background sounds is amazing and the intensity of the music is set to a comfortable level, so it will not bother you. The user interface is very simple. The recommended way to use it is to sit up with your head bent down.
You can enjoy the soothing sounds and manage to have a good night of sleep. If you prefer the company of someone else, NimbusMind offers a companion that will help you relax even further. It can be used with other nimbus applications, so you can have multiple people share the relaxing experience.
NimbusMind is an app that can help you relax while you are having a good night of sleep. It has an interface that is very simple to use, so it can be used by anyone. It will help you learn how to meditate. The background music is very soothing and the music will not bother you. You can choose to listen to the sounds of the city, nature, or a combination of both.
For this app to work, you need to set it up on your phone. This can be done with a simple process that takes just a few minutes.
You can sleep better and have a deeper rest when you use this app. It can help you remove the stress that is present in your life. Learn how to meditate.
If you do not know how to meditate, the chances are that you are not alone. This app can help you learn how to meditate and guide you through the process. It is designed to help you be more present in the moment and can offer some good tips and advice.
After the basic introduction to what this app is about, you can use the app to begin your journey into the world of meditating. The first step in learning how to meditate is to listen to some background music that is relaxing, rather than focusing on a sad or scary story. The app has lots of tools that will assist you in your practice.
The app contains all the information that you need to start. All you need to do is to start listening to the background music and other soothing sounds. The guided meditation exercises can help you learn how to meditate faster.
You can relax and unwind with the app, but it is also perfect for those who want to be alone. You can select a different meditation for your mood.
You can learn more about meditation in this app. You will have plenty of tips and advice to help you to start, as well as some interesting information about different things that are related to it.
If you are looking for a way to learn how to meditate, for a more peaceful lifestyle, this app can help you. It will provide you

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher
HDD: 30GB+
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 460 or higher
Windows® 7/8
Graphics drivers provided by game developers
Intel® Core™ i3 or higher CPU
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or higher GPU
Core i3 CPU or higher
AMD graphics cards are not supported
Note: Please verify the compatibility of your system by playing before purchasing.
You may experience game problems on