Traktor Pro 3 Free Download Free


Traktor Pro 3 Free Download

Features Like:- Multiple waveforms which are displayed for audio clips which can be used for stacking waveforms on different platters, or to use one waveform for multiple platters;- Totally customizable set of waveforms: waveforms can be created and saved for future use, or for use in standalone waveform decks;- Audio clips can be stacked which can be used for a more complex view of a mix;- A groove meter can be added to your clip list;- Allow track selection via Filter;- Filter allows you to choose tracks from audio mix that the filter matches;- Sorting allows for Random, Most played, # of plays, Most added or Most played by earlier revs;- Powerful automation including slicer automation for each track;- Obj C language support; and- MIDI learning.- There are so many more. This software gives Good range of function that you can make all your mixes as professional as they can be.

Traktor has been recently updated with a new features and users will love it less as this means they get the new and updated features like.- This application is developed using the modern technologies. It is very compuatble and easy to use.

Few new features include:- Instant Stem recording. If you have ever wondered how the pro DJ’s are mixing at their gig sometimes instant stem recording is something that can be missing out in the middle of a gig. So with v3 we have included this as a new feature in Traktor Pro which is Instant Stem Recording. So if a track is in the bottom deck instant stem recording will be added to the server which is considered to be the live or probably soon to be released master from the disk for the gig. You know by the time you are set up and packed to go the gig, there is always one thing that is missing. So as soon as you start the track instant stem recording will appear for you (ie; you do not need to wait for it to appear). By far this is the best thing I have seen in my years of using Traktor Pro.