Wowza 3 License Key

The Wowza Cloud Player is a relay service that is analogous to Wowza Live Player except that the video is served remotely via Wowza Cloud. For storing a file on Amazon S3, you must acquire a S3 access key and a secretAccessKey.

Wowza Cloud can be installed on a Windows, Linux or Mac computer in your AWS EC2 environment. The exact version of the software depends on the operating system version of the server and this should be provided by AWS.

I get Wowza Cloud player error Message “iCloud is unavailable. Please check your settings.”.Yes you need to check your server settings for “APN Settings” and “Use Apple’s iCloud server” on your AWS account.

As an added bonus, if you have Windows Server Datacenter licenses from TechSoup or that your organization purchased with Software Assurance, each 2-socket license can be run on up to two Azure compute instances each with up to 8 virtual cores, reducing the cost of your instances even further (as standard Windows instances include the cost of the Windows license at full nonprofit prices.). This also applies to SQL Server.